Tony and Axa are taking a Sunday afternoon nap. I’m not quite in a napping mood. I found the little journal I was keeping for Axa in the Philippines. I hadn’t written in it since we got back a year ago. So I wrote about what she’s doing now. She’s such a little lady now. Not really a baby anymore at all. We’re thinking about a new baby. We night-weaned Axa a week or two ago. So maybe we’ll have a little surprise sometime soon. I’m afraid I must confess to doing more than a little window-shopping for maternity clothing lately. I’ve already shopped around for local homebirth midwives. San Diego, as expected, has a nice selection. The other day we got out the hypnobirthing cd Tony made for me when I was pregnant with Axa. So I guess you could say we’re ready for another baby. And it never hurts to have one more reason to read each other sonnets.

We’re all happier since Tony quit doing summer sales. What a shady, disgusting business. Besides the fact that I have never believed in the product (I wouldn’t pay someone $70 a month to drench my property in toxic chemicals), I’ve noticed that everyone who stays in the business too long becomes creepy and manipulative. And poor Tony was understandably miserable doing it. So we’ve decided to let XUBI make our money for us. It’s a leap into the dark, but it’s a leap of faith. And instead of planning to someday live the life you want, why not start living it now? We can’t move to Paris tomorrow, but we can get our business off the ground, learn French, and have crepes for breakfast. And we LIKE spending our days together. We put that picture back on the wall-the Doisneau photo of the couple passionately kissing outside the Parisian cafe. And we’ve been kissing like that again. I’ve noticed. Life feels more romantic already.

What do you think?