Why does he gallop and gallop about?

The wind is whistling and howling and blowing odd things about, the trees are tossing wildly, and the rain is coming down in gusty buckets. Not a time for outside play, however Charlotte Mason we try to be. However, Tony did spend a good chunk of the morning playing outside, since the goats knocked a two-foot square hole in their shed last night. We were lucky. Had the hole been in a slightly different spot, the chickens next door to them would have escaped.

We also went to cut our Christmas tree today. Lovely day for a visit to the Christmas tree farm. We had it completely to ourselves. Axa carried her own umbrella, but managed to get a bit wet and muddy anyway. Raj ended up even wetter than she did, although I chased him around with an umbrella the whole time. They were popped in a toasty warm bath when we got home, so no harm done. We are now the proud owners of a lovely Christmas tree, which is currently dripping in the garage. Christmas, here we come!

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