We are going to Italy. March 26.

Circumstances detailed in my other blog have made a fairly sudden move possible. Luckily, I have most of the documents. I’m only waiting on Elva’s death certificate before I can take all the California documents to be Apostilled. Then I just need to find out what the hang-up is with the Utah documents (stuck somewhere on the way to being Apostilled). Also, in Utah I need to take a traveling notary to get someone from archives to notarize the letters they sent me for birth certificates for Elva and Louis and the marriage certificate for Harriet and Domenico, and then get those Apostilled as well.

Apart from that, I just need Tony and his mom to sign documents stating that they have never renounced their Italian citizenship.

I can’t believe we are this close. It is surreal. In a matter of a few months, Tony will be an Italian citizen, as will Raj, Axa, and Tony’s mom, as a bonus. Even wilder, in just a few weeks we’ll be living in Piedmont.

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