Housing Contract

Axa hasn’t been feeling too well, and she was still sleeping when it was time to go this morning, so Tony went alone. When he arrived at Carla and Giorgio’s house, Giorgio was concerned that we hadn’t done a housing contract yet. Also, he pointed out that the Vigili (city police) would be coming by to check our presence within the next few days after we were officially inscribed in the Anagrafe.

He didn’t want them coming around when we weren’t there, so it was decided to delay the inscription in the Anagrafe until we return from London on Monday. He and Tony spent the morning writing the housing contract, which will need to be signed upon our return. Then, after waiting a few days for it to be officially registered, we can move forward with submitting our documents to the Anagrafe. So by the end of next week or beginning of the next, we should have our receipt for Permesso di Soggiorno and be legal in Italy past three months. We may actually get it done with a whole week to spare!

What do you think?