Yesterday we biked up to Certosa di Pesio, a 12th century monastary high in the Alps. It took us an hour and a half, since it’s uphill all the way. I think it’s nine kilometers from here. It was only half an hour back. We stopped when we arrived at a pretty little picnic spot near the river. The Pesio River is beautiful up there–full of moss-covered rocks. We saw several lovely pools one might swim in (although even in August it’s none to hot up there).

We also saw a deer on the way up. It watched us ride by and then went back to trimming weeds. This is the high tourist season, but we left at six in the evening, so mostly we just passed people in cars coming down as we went up.

Axa rides on the back of my bicycle. Raji’s seat is on the front of Tony’s (behind the handlebars), and then Tony carries our lunch, blankets, and my yoga mat in saddlebags on the back. We can go anywhere now! We’re thinking of going up to the Certosa again and hiking into France. That’s once I’m legal, of course. We have a fascination with France.

Cuneo was full of French people when we were there for market day on Tuesday. It’s an easy enough hop over from France; perhaps twenty kilometers.

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