Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Blogging time’s been hard to come by lately. I don’t blog about our business, or I would have plenty to blog about. We’ve all been sick this week. However, we did go out to lunch yesterday with a lovely lady we met while campaigning for Proposition 8. Actually, we met her the day of the election. When we went to vote, we noticed that outside the polling location there were only people passing out flyers for No on Prop 8. Tony got in trouble at the polling place, because he wore his Yes on 8 T-shirt, and no biased material (including clothing) is allowed inside a polling place.

When we got home, we decided we’d camp out at a polling place for the rest of the day, and get one last use out of our signs and our cute children. Sure enough, the No’s were already there. They looked about the same as we did, since there was a man, a woman, and a cute baby. But of course, they weren’t together 🙂

Tony stayed while I took the children home for a nap. While he was there, a nice Catholic lady with bright red hair gave him the thumbs-up on her way into the polling place, and soon returned with chocolate and trail mix. Her name was Nancy, and she also brought a laminated Yes on Prop 8 sign of her own, along with an open letter she had written to her neighbors.

When Axa, Raj and I returned, the children promptly fell in love with Nancy and her little dog, Charlie. We spent the rest of the day (till eight, when the polls closed) waving signs with Nancy, and encouraging everyone to vote yes. Occasionally, Nancy went beyond encouragement and engaged some people in fiery verbal sparring. However, after Tony threatened to move to a different polling place, she restrained herself, with difficulty.

We had a delightful time getting to know Nancy. She pleased Axa greatly by explaining how healthy dark chocolate is, with its excellent antioxidant profile. She even went and got us dinner (complete with chocolate chip cookies), so we didn’t have to leave the polling place at all.

Yesterday Nancy invited us to lunch at her favorite pancake house. We tried the famous chocolate chip pancakes, and they were delicious. She brought Axa and Raj very thoughtful presents, and we enjoyed a lovely conversation with her. After we came home, Axa decided she would like to invite Nancy to family home evening. So hopefully, we’ll see her again soon!

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  • December 4, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    That sounds like such a fun time! Nancy sounds like a cool lady 🙂


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