To be or not to be

dog owners, that is. I was thrilled a few weeks ago when someone posted a dog on freecycle. Axa and Raj love the goats and chickens, but their efforts to play with their animal friends are often unsuccessful and always comical. I thought it would be great to get them an animal that would play back. And what could be more logical than a dog? We corresponded with the owner a few times, and she brought the dog over yesterday afternoon. He was everything she said: sweet, beautiful, energetic, sensitive, and great with the kids. Unfortunately (also as billed) he was an escape artist. He got out three times in the six hours we had him. Twice Tony caught him, and once it was my turn. He just went loping down the road, sometimes looking back, but ignoring my calls. After two blocks, he slipped through a fence into a field. I said a desperate prayer and squatted down and called his name in my most excited voice. He turned around and ran back to me, grinning. I was exhausted and shaken up. I guess it was beginning to dawn on me that a new dog would be a big time, energy, and worry commitment. I’m just not ready for another child right now, not even one with four legs and two soulful, mismatched aussie eyes.

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