Popping In

One of the perks of living in a tourist dig is getting incidental visits from friends and acquaintances. This is especially important for folks like us, who don’t stay in one place long enough to get planned visits. This week we had the pleasure of seeing Jon and Angelina, friends from not one, but two of our BYU wards. We were newlyweds together in the Marriage and Family Relations Sunday School class at Villa Maria, and then were reunited at in the same Wymount ward.

The last time we had dinner together we ate fondue and dressed in polyester, with the lava lamps going full swing in the background. No, we’re not THAT old. But we used to have 70’s parties when we were young and childless.
This time we brought along the kids and had pizza. It was delightful to catch up on old times, trade thoughts on parenting, and enjoy the company of two fun people.

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