A Plea for Help

The sun finally came out this morning, and it was beautiful. It’s been rainy and cold (for Tunisia) all week. I lie awake at night listening to the rain and thinking about the tens of thousands of refugees from Libya stranded at the Tunisian border. Many have been sleeping out in the cold for days. The Tunisian army, the Red Crescent, and many Tunisian volunteers have been doing all they can to help, but food and supplies are short, and the flow of refugees comes in at over ten thousand per day. Many of the refugees (who are mostly Egyptian, Tunisian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian) have witnessed terrible scenes of violence, been personally assaulted, and traveled for days without food. Last week the UNHCR (The UN’s refugee agency) deployed emergency teams and sent humanitarian supplies and tents, but the need is ever increasing They have sent out an urgent appeal for donations to provide tents, food, and sanitation supplies for the refugees. If you are in a position, please consider donating here. Thank you, and God bless.

What do you think?