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Because I’m such a successful fashion blogger (not!), it doesn’t surprise me a bit that my daughter likes fashion too. Actually, I admit that she’s already way more fashionable than I’ve ever been.  At least I can take credit for her first full year of fashion, though. Here she is ready to party on her first birthday:

That was more or less my last hurrah, since at about 18 months, her favorite phrase suddenly became “do it myself!” As in, “do it myself put on panties” (even though she could never figure out which way was up, and the panties invariably ended up being worn with both legs through one side, resulting in a lot of very stretched-out panties). Other favored “do it myselfs” included “do it myself pick my clothes,” or “do it myself cut up that apple with the very sharp knife.” You get the picture.

A year or so later, she went through a hilarious stage where she would put on as many layers of clothing on top of each other as possible, and then walk into our bedroom in the morning laughing and barely able to move.

At four, she decided that layers were once again a la mode, but kept it to one short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved shirt (and sometimes shorts over pants too). Interestingly enough, Raj is now doing the same layering thing, although I sometimes have to send him in to take off a layer to avoid heatstroke in the Florida summer.

Now, at the age of seven, the thing that fascinates me about Axa’s fashion sense is her clever and sophisticated use of available materials. Case in point:

Dress: polarfleece blankie given to her as a baby, draped up her back lengthwise and then strategically knotted in the front.

Crown: aluminium foil over cardboard, present from Raj.

Belt: Out of a big box of clothes from the cousins.

And here’s that same outfit, dressed up with satin fabric out of my sewing box and a necklace from Tunisia.

Most of her outfits have utility as part of her games. For example, here she is with Raj, and she’s dressed them both as spies, ready for some alpine winter (ready minus the ubiquitous bare feet, that is):

Hats, scarves and gloves: courtesy of Grammy

Coat: The cousins’ box

Goggles: Swiped from the beach bag

Thing hanging down at the bottom of Axa’s coat: her beloved blanket, made for her as a baby by Grandma Betty

Here she is wearing just the baby blanket:

And look! It’s reversible, for a more casual hippie look.

Axa’s latest fashion success was precipitated by a really awesome hat she made at nature camp. Behold!

Hat: Recycled Newspaper

Pinwheel Flower: Recycled 1/2 liter bottle

Shirt: Gift from Grammy

Skirt: Made by Grandma Betty

Bandanna: from a recently attended pirate birthday party

Necklace and bracelets: hand-strung by Axa

My little girl is growing up!

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  • August 6, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    It’s funny to see a picture of Axa with no hair. This was a lovely post. Axa is growing up wonderfully!


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