Family Photos

When we were out in California, Tony’s mom undertook the monumental task of having a four-generation photo shoot. Tony forgot to tell me about the dress code beforehand, but we were fortunately able to scrounge up blue and grey clothing from what we had packed for the trip. I’m not sure if this is the photo that ended up being THE family photo, but here we are with his parents, his grandma, and Tony and his siblings,with their significant others and kids.


It was a little chilly and windy, and it had been raining almost the whole week beforehand, so the shoot had to be moved from it’s original picturesque rural location in front of a barn (which happened to be surrounded by a very muddy field) to a more urban setting. I think it turned out nicely, though. After the big shoot, we got some individual family shots taken too. Here are the four of us:


And just my two little Bobbles:


And another, because I think they’re cute


Especially laughing.


Here are Tony and I


And just my hot husband:


Being hot.


And here’s one of just me:


And this one, because as you know, I just like photos of myself looking off into the distance and laughing at some unexplained object.


Happy New Year from the Familias!

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