Heimbach, Germany

I planned our weekend in Germany around visiting the spectacular Cologne Cathedral. When I was planning the trip, I was a bit torn between staying around the corner from the Cathedral and staying about an hour away in a tiny, picturesque German town. My first and last impulse always being to have it all, I opted for the tiny little town and after we saw it, we all agreed it was the perfect choice.

I showed you our house by the evening light yesterday, but it looked, if possible, even more delightful the next morning by daylight.


Here’s the link if you want to stay there too. I got up early in the morning the first day and went on a walk. Our little town, Heimbach, had its own castle too, which you could see from our bedroom window.

Castle view

Here it is from a (rather perilous) high point just outside the town.

Little Castle

But the main attraction of the area is actually its natural beauty. We didn’t make it all the way to the national park nearby during this trip, but I did try out one of the pretty trails that led to it.


Lots of the houses in the village were the pretty half-timbered style, complete with details like this old-fashioned clock.


We also ate traditional German food (of which the less said the better) at a restaurant that rose out of the mist like another piece of the fairytale.


It was just as cute inside, and filled with interesting little curios.


Axa, Grammy, and I all got matching warm boots for a bargain 20 euros in Cologne, and wore them out into the cold of an evening in Germany. Can you tell which foot is whose?

Warm feet

One of my favourite things about traveling is seeing random strange and wonderful details like this little water fountain in Heimbach that looks as if it were built for tiny gnomes.

water fountain

It’s the little things.

What do you think?