More About Me

I love to write, but at best I’ve been a spotty journal-writer all my life. Perhaps I didn’t see the point of writing it just for myself. And the thought of my children (or other more distant posterity) reading what I’d written just for myself was even more unsettling. The fact that I feel better about what I write hurtling out into some nebulous land of random readers may say something about my sanity. Personal blogs demand a sort of sanctioned exhibitionism from their authors.

I grew up without school, went to college in Provo, Utah, studied abroad in Damascus, Syria, served an LDS mission in Santiago, Chile, and got married in San Diego, California.

I have a handsome, athletic, intelligent, thoughtful, funny, romantic husband, and a delightful baby daughter who takes after her daddy in every respect.

Politically, I care about environmental issues, global cooperation, and personal freedom. I’d like my political leaders to be moral, intelligent, and articulate. I’m pro-life and anti-war. But I eschew political parties, and I dislike confrontational political discussions.

Artistically, I love Monet, Debussy, Van Gogh, Shakespeare, Rachmaninoff, and Tolkien.

My project for the moment is decorating the belly cast I did when I was 37 weeks pregnant with my daughter. I originally intended to do a copper patina look, but I’ve decided I want to paint it all over in roses.

What do you think?