Utah Archives

I called the Utah State Archives today to request that they search for Domenico’s naturalization record, if such a record exists. Unfortunately, since at this point I don’t even know whether he naturalized or not, I may need to contact several different agencies. The Utah State Archives website said, for example, “If an individual had completed either part or all of this process in Utah, there are many courts to check prior to statehood (1896). Each county had a County Probate Court until 1896. There are also District Courts which served multiple counties. Furthermore, district court boundaries changed over time (see historical jurisdictions chart), so you may need to check the records of several district courts. The Supreme Court’s records should also be checked.”

They said they would check the district courts for Cache County and also the County Probate Court, at least up until statehood in 1896. It should take a week or two, perhaps less if the relevant records are indexed. I need to contact the National Archives to request the federal court records, and also State records from 1909-1930. What I’m supposed to do for the period between 1896 and 1909, I’m not certain. But since I have no idea of the time-period in which he might have naturalized, I have to search every possible place up till 1919, when he died. This may take awhile.

What do you think?