Believing Domenico

Well, I feel a little chastised. I completely ignored Domenico’s own testimony, as evidenced on the census records, for when he was naturalized. My reason was that on the other side of the family, the census records were completely off. However, I had a change of heart yesterday. I felt as if Domenico were looking down on me, incredulous that I didn’t believe him. It was unfair and judgmental of me to disregard what he himself said on the census. He came from a long line of Christians who were willing to die for their faith (and did on numerous occasions). I feel like I can believe him. Which leaves me only thirty years of records to search. I also checked the 1910 census and found that Harriet naturalized sometime between 1900 and 1910.

At any rate, I just need to make sure to check the following naturalization records:

Cache County Court records for 1870 through 1900
Federal Court records for Utah for 1870 through 1900
3rd District Court for 1870-1880
1st District Court for 1880 through 1892
4th District Court for 1892 through 1896
1st District again for 1896 through 1900.

Not too bad. Utah State Archives is already working on my request, so we’ll see what they come up with. NARA only has Utah Federal Court records after 1909, so I can skip them. Archives told me that they had the records for Cache County Court, but I’ll double check with the court itself too.

Hopefully this turns something up. We’ll see what happens.

What do you think?