Mis-Informed Informants

The plot thickens further, if possible. If Louis and Blaine were not already deceased, I would like to wring their necks. I hope Domenico has them working overtime right now on making sure we get jure sanguinis.

As informants on Domenico’s and Louis’ death certificates, they really messed things up. Louis put completely erroneous parents for Domenico. Chialto Bodrero and Marie Bodet. And then Blaine said that Louis’ parents, Domenico and Harriet, were born in France and Switzerland, respectively. I don’t know what was going on with Louis. Maybe he’d never met his grandparents and just got confused. But Blaine. Really. I guess he just didn’t want people to think he was Italian. He didn’t like getting called a WOP. But it’s hardly something we can explain to the comune.

Exasperated is a mild term for how I feel about this. I guess if the death certificates had been more legible I would have noticed earlier. But I don’t know what I would have done. How do you amend your great-great grandfather’s death certificate when all you have is his baptism certificate from Italy? Maybe it’s possible. Maybe I’ll find out. I hope not. Anyway, our one amended document, Josephine Redford Boudrero’s birth certificate, was looked at with great suspicion by the comune. Oh well. Maybe they’ll just overlook it all. Tony is confident he can pull it off. Meaning he can get them on his side so they want to help him. I guess that’s the true test. If he’s Italian enough to do it, he can be Italian.

What do you think?