We’re Famous

An article about us appeared in the local weekly newspaper this week. It’s a little exaggerated (especially the part describing me), but it was fun to have our little bout with fame. The following is a (somewhat rough) translation, done by me in partnership with babelfish.

Chiusa di Pesio itself lacks nothing, and now it can also boast of having been chosen by a family of Californians as a residence. The family in question, coming from San Diego, learned of the little town just by chance, thanks to an encounter with the family of George Bertone. The head of the family, Tony, and his wife Sarah have literally fallen in love of the landscapes and the quietness that Chiusa di Pesio offers, and thus after before the first visit have decided to move here definitively and to raise their two beautiful children here. For those who wonder how one can live here and work for a large American company, the answer is, naturally, the Internet. “I work from home, by PC, connecting with Asia and United States colleagues. The company for which I work makes T-shirts and uniforms for American college Basketballteams. My wife Sarah dedicates herself to the instruction of our children Axa and Domninique, and to music. Sarah is really and truly talented. She plays the harp, writes splendid poetry and knows various languages, including Arabic. Thanks to the mayor, Riccardo Mucciarelli, we have obtained the possibility of remaining in Italy. The Municipality has executed complex and indispensable research on a my grandfather, who was originally from Lagnasco.” One more special family that Chiusa di Pesio has skillfully conquered, and that will certainly make a positive contribution to the community.

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