Plaid skirts and Rubber Boots

I have one great regret about homeschooling. School uniforms. I would love to dress up Axa in plaid skirts and sweaters and Raj in ties and knee socks. And they would love it too. (Really, they would. In fact, for her school the other day, Axa dressed both herself and Raj up in dresses, crowns and veils. My fantasies are much tamer.) I have considered dressing them up in school uniforms even though they don’t go to school. But the way we do school is so messy. It involves bread dough, mud, snails, and other things incompatible with starched white collars and shiny black shoes.

However, the other day I was looking over our last few months of family pictures and noticed something. My children are wearing the same thing in every photograph. We do have a school uniform after all. For Raj it is green wellington boots and a blue coat, and for Axa pink wellies and a purple coat. I discovered the virtues of this uniform in San Diego during what was (for there) a rather wet and rainy winter. And it works equally well in Ireland during what is (for here) a fine dry summer (i.e. the sun comes out for an hour or two every three days or so). Wet grass, mud, and puddles are all fair game. They can stay outside for hours without getting cold wet feet. And we can take it all off at the door.
It’s not the proper preppy look I always pictured . . . but I think Charlotte Mason would approve.

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