New Uniforms at Casteluzzo Academy

In the endless debate (at least in America) about school uniforms, I am definitely an advocate. And not just for khaki slacks and pastel polo shirts. I vote for the whole kit and kaboodle, right down to the ties, knee socks and shiny black shoes. The only thing I don’t vote for is actually sending the kids to school. Which makes the whole uniform controversy a little moot.

Still, I remain obstinately unwilling to give up on my passion for school uniforms. When we lived in Ireland last summer, I came up with my own unique uniform solution. But now that we’ve moved to Tunisia, it doesn’t work quite so well anymore. I’ve been meditating what to do about it, and the fruits of my mental labor have finally arrived. Last week the children received matching packages, which they opened with indecorous glee and promptly tried on. And so, it is with great pride and solemnity that I present a sneak candid shot of this year’s uniforms for Casteluzzo Academy!!!

SPF 50, stain-resistant, quick-drying, matching hats, what more could you ask in a uniform? The observant among you will also notice our lovely new campus in the background. Here’s to a wonderful coming year of sand, sun, and (of course) serious academics.

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