Swimsuit Edition

Yes, it’s that time of year. At least it’s that time of year in Florida. I don’t know if real Floridians consider April a part of summer, but it sure feels like summer to me. In fact, we’ve been going sporadically to the beach and regularly to the pool for the past few months.

Unfortunately, my swimsuit didn’t survive last year’s daily dunks in the extra salty Mediterranean very well. The elastic is so bad I’m afraid it will fall off in the water one of these days. So. I’m in need of a new swimsuit.

As I said before, though, I really hate sunscreen. But I’m not a big fan of sunburns either. That’s why I go for hats and sun-protective clothing. What I’d really like in a swimsuit is the adult version of this:

Fortunately, due to my gushing review last year, I (and all my friends) still have a 35% coupon code at the Tuga Swimsuit store (it’s “casteluzzo” if you’re swimsuit shopping too). Unfortunately, in adult sizes all they make is rashguards, and I, um, need something to wear on the bottom too.

I did find these board shorts at Amazon, which I like pretty well:

Since they’re mostly white, I guess they would pretty much match a pink Tuga rashguard. (Axa tells me that pink is THE only color for swimsuits, and clothing in general, for that matter.) But then I still need a swimsuit for underneath. And it would be kind of nice if that matched too, wouldn’t it?

I’m afraid if I buy a rash guard, swimsuit, and board shorts that are all different brands, I have a fairly slim chance of getting them all to really match. And besides, hot pink swimsuits for grownup women are hardly easy to come by (although the shorts and rash guard also come in black, which is my equivalent to Axa’s pink when it comes to clothing).

Anyway, I’ve looked around, and nobody seems to sell matching sets of long-sleeved rashguards, longish board shorts, and swimsuit. Is what I want just too weird?

I’ve even considered taking the plunge and donning a hijab swimsuit, which besides offering pretty much unparalleled sun coverage, is “Modest And Very Fashionable, Beautiful Like The Moon” (at least according to Amazon).

I’m afraid it would be so hot to wear it out on the beach, though (no, not THAT kind of hot). I don’t know. What do you think? Do you have a favorite site for cute UV swimwear for adults? Or should I go for the hijab?

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