Welcome Home, Part 6: The Garage

O.K. I know it sounds weird. But we really do live in our garage. It was actually Tony’s idea. He likes to have an office where he can work from home, and he said he wouldn’t mind putting it in the garage. And it’s not like our car ever really needs to be in the garage. I’m pretty sure people don’t have to scrape ice off their windows in the winter here.

The rest of our house has a pretty open floor plan, which doesn’t bode well for important phone calls or a quiet, non-distracting work environment, but the garage is off in its own little corner of the house. Tony’s office actually turned out pretty nicely, I think.

Unlike my desk in the homeschool room, which had to undergo a major tidying session to prepare it for photography, Tony’s desk always looks this organized.

Curtis works here too, and he has his own desk on the other wall.

This room also serves as the gym, and you can see the exercise bands and pool towels hanging on the wall (my yoga mat was in picture 1).

Sometimes the kids will come out here while Tony is working, so he set up a little lego corner for them, which occupies them for hours.

But the best thing about the garage might be the fact that you can open up one whole wall. In fact, we had lunch out here today.

Tony brought home bicycles for the Bobbles yesterday, so I think I may be spending even more time out here in the future.

We’ve learned (hundreds of fire-ant bites later) that sitting on the grass in Florida is a bad idea. So I bring out all my supplies and set myself up in the driveway to supervise the bike riding.

Not pictured is a wall of boxes that haven’t been unpacked yet, and may just stay where they are, since we obviously haven’t needed what is in them for a few months at least.

I keep prophesying doom and gloom about the horribly hot Florida summer melting Tony’s computer, but we’ll just keep our fingers crossed!

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  • April 25, 2012 at 12:38 am

    I love reading your blog. I can feel like I am near or with you.


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