A Day Out in Giethoorn

My in-laws are here visiting, and we wanted to take them somewhere picturesque and typically Dutch. When I heard about Giethoorn, the pretty little village with canals instead of streets, I knew it would be perfect. Especially since we were also planning to go up north to visit Groningen, so it was right on the way. We're trying to do some more exploring and get to know this tiny country we call home.

Giethoorn is another corner of the Netherlands that somehow recalls the Shire to mind.

We rented a boat, as one does. They happened to be out of the basic metal boats, so we were forced to get an amply sized one with cushioning. Which in retrospect was totally worth the extra €15 anyway.

Here's our skipper and our mini skipper, at the wheel.

The place is unbelievably quaint and photogenic.

House after immaculate house surrounded by flowers.

The houses themselves are quite colourful as well, with many of them sporting the typical brightly painted shutters.

And of course, since the "streets" are actually canals, instead of cars they have boats.

The waterways are periodically crossed by wooden bridges.

We stopped near one of these bridges to find a shop to buy fresh bread for a boating picnic.

Tony, bless his heart, followed directions and ended up walking all the way back to the boat dock for bread. But meanwhile we discovered a cheese shop with tasty samples.

Right next door was a mineral store full of all sorts of treasures.

It was almost like a small museum, complete with impressive fossils.

Axa and Raj took the opportunity to find a surprise gift for Grammy.
Next to the town is a wetlands nature preserve with a miniature lake.

Here's a closeup of that traditional boat someone is sailing off in the distance.

There's some cute farmland. Even the horses were miniatures.

We also found a little treehouse.

At only a couple of hours by train from Amsterdam (and less by car) Giethoorn is a perfect day out if you want some delightful and unique countryside. We definitely enjoyed our time there!

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