Saturday Market Networking

Yesterday Tony was at the weekly market buying fresh zucchini from a local farmer, and looked over to see Teresa, our semi-nemesis in the stato civile/anagrafe, buying zucchini too. They exchanged pleasantries, and he thinks it was helpful for her to see him living here and not just shopping at the grocery store.

Alicia, my friend who works in the Center for Immigration in Cuneo, confirmed that all we need is a letter from the comune saying we’re applying for jure sanguinis, and the Center can get us our Permesso di Soggiorno from the Questura. But Silvia said she wasn’t sure if they could give us the letter unless our documents are perfectly in order.

Julio and I have both been working madly on the translations. I formatted everything so that it looks exactly the same on the translations as the originals (quite a creative and time-consuming task, since we have certificates spanning over a century). Julio, by comparison, was quite speedy. And at least from my cursory examination, his translation seems good.

So next week I’m hoping to get him the last documents for translation, get the translations stamped at the Tribunale here in Saluzzo, and then have Tony take them in to the Comune for Silvia and Teresa to examine.

I also want to re-do our Table of Contents to reflect the updated content and look up all the consulates Teresa will need to contact.

I had a dream the other night that we went in with our updated documents, and Teresa had me write Tony in at the anagrafe myself. They kept the data in a little Hello kitty notebook in my dream. Weird.

What do you think?