A Word from Our Readers, Episode 2

Yes, it’s time again to let our readers weigh in on which topics are most important to them. Here are highlights of the last several months of internet searches landing people on this blog, along with my best attempts at response.

“danger of hubbly bubbly”

Sadly, yes, it’s at least as bad for you as cigarettes. And no, not kosher for Mormons.

“are fake plant cheesy in my livimvg room”

Yes, yes, and thrice yes.

“book called climbing purmesscus”

I’ve never climbed purmesscus, but it sounds kind of putrid, miasmic and viscous.

“can two people teach each other a new language”

Well . . . I guess maybe if you put them alone in a room together with no T.V.

“is donkey milk tasty”

Never tried it. Let me know when you find out.

“anguished memoir”

Well you know, I don’t think my blog makes it sound as bad as all that.

“atheist keychain”

No, it wasn’t an atheist, just a mad dictator.

“saturn mormon theology”

You’ve got me there. We haven’t gotten to Saturn yet in our Sunday School class.

“a world revolving around sex and food”

Ha. Don’t I wish.

“what should i learn from the ticktockman”

Well, all I really need to know I learned from Ticktockman. (gentle sentimental sigh)

“cockroach farm photo”

I don’t even want to know.

“does breast feeding ruin your breasts”


“homemade goat jungle gym”

Tutorial here. Just kidding. You’re on your own.

“information mural painted with glow in the dark paints”

Because information is just as important in the dark.

lyrics “i was sitting in the park” “watching the children”

Ooh, catchy catchy. I think you’ve got something there.

“healthy cinnamon scroll, snail, roll”

Even better. We are totally rockin’ it out here.

“homeschool nerds”

Now, that’s just a little confrontational, don’t you think?

“florida bugs what is making those messy webs in my screened porch” and “lately i have many palmetto bugs inside my air conditioned home in south fl”

I feel your pain. Florida is, well, Florida.

“want to beat spider phobia?”


“pics of fungi that live in the sahara desert”

I don’t think it’s the most fertile mushroom hunting ground.

“how many people have been sucked out of their home through a skylight”

Not us, at least.

“what if darth vader’s injuries healed”

Then maybe he and Luke could have another go at ruling the galaxy together as father and son.

“gravestones brochures”


“i dream that i go to a house where i’ve never lived”

Hey, I have that dream too! It recurrently comes true.

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